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Have you ever been to a shooting range prague? The shooting range is a place that still manages to really interest and fascinate me. And today we will talk about the shooting range. Are you asking why? You will find out in today`s article. From a young age, I was more interested in such boyish things. When I was a small child, I played with cars and soldiers and some dolls and barbies did not interest me at all. My mother just laughed at it – she was the exact opposite in her childhood. Come on, I was different from the others, and I was different. When I got a little older, my grandfather started teaching me how to shoot a pistol.


Strangely enough, I also started to enjoy it quite a bit, even though I would never have believed that I would enjoy something like this. But a person never really knows what will interest him, and in this world, everything is possible… So, I became more interested in shooting and found that I started to enjoy it more and more. I wanted to educate myself more and more in this direction. And because I was serious about shooting and I already knew something, I went to the shooting range in Prague, from which I had high expectations. And I can tell you that they met my expectations.


I found an amazing team of friendly people who support each other, and I really made new friends. And I would never have believed that I would find them at the shooting range. This is such an unusual place, and I definitely wouldn`t expect it. But it happened. Little by little, I started learning how to hold the pistol correctly, how to shoot at a target so that I hit the black, and so on. And I really started to do well. I shot exactly at the target and the instructors at the shooting range were absolutely delighted with me. They say they have never seen a person with such passion for a hobby. And when I heard that, I was very proud of myself, because such praise from the lecturers is a complete honour for me and it`s amazing.